Striving to bring all sciences together to provide a singularity in treatment concepts for head & neck healthcare.

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The Next Evolution in Head & Neck Healthcare

How will we cure complex healthcare disorders?

Through innovative collaboration in all forms of science

We are a unique partnership of specialisms in head and neck healthcare, genetics, cybernetics and psychology amongst others with an interest in pioneering cooperation. Partnership and association are imperative to ensure solutions into hard-hitting problems such as developmental and genetic disease, cancer and other head and neck complications.


The future of dentistry will depend on the evolution of education and understanding, older treatments will have to adapt or die. New technologies help merge newer methods of dental care.



Head and neck healthcare are interconnected with all fields of medicine and dentistry. One can change the other and collaboration between departments are key.

Cephtactics plans to bring different fields together not only in healthcare but in the wider scientific world.

Conversations save lives.



To understand the physical one must understand the fundamental. As astrophysics relates with atoms, healthcare has a foundation in genetics.

At Cephtactics we value the relationship between all healthcare and roots in genetics. From molecular biology to cytogenetics out interests span different avenues in this dynamic field.



Healthcare is a Data Science and clinical efficiency depends on the information attained in research. Our projects are diverse and we realise the way in that this field is changing and have adapted our ventures in carious areas, which are challenging the clinicians currently.

Harnessing Cybernetics in healthcare will bring fields such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, control systems, robotics alongside normal fields present in medicine and dentistry as well as material science and mechanics.



Psychology is seen as a soft science by many practitioners of medicine, compared to pharmacology, surgery, emergency medicine and many other fields often due to its relative intangibility. But that does not mean, that it does not matter.

Now obviously, where there is an imminent threat to life, traditional medicine must take priority, but there is a growing breed of doctors realising the importance of a patients’ psychological wellbeing, and the direct impact it has upon their recovery, and even upon the very cause of the original problem.

1. Dentistry

2. Medicine

3. Genetics

4. Cybernetics

5. Psychology