Professional Opinion

Healthcare sciences always looked at options of treatment based on evidence. The evidence has become better over the ages, and that has decidedly changed the way we treat. We look at different modes of judgement and use opinions as the most lowest denominator of decision making.

Hence we stopped using:

 – Gut feelings,

 – Some dude I know,

 – Grandma’s recipes,

 – You Tube videos (some of them at least),

 – Donald Trump’s Twitter Account.

The choices we make are founded over years of review by prestigious and peer reviewed bodies, journals and individuals all over the world.

The topics we aim to discuss include the following three:

  1. Extraction vs Non-extraction treatments
  2. Tempero-Mandibular-Disorders and Orthodontics
  3. Self Ligating Brackets

These topics seem to come up a lot in conversations with patients and other clinicians.