Lingual Straight Wire


The orthodontic Lingual 6 day course is a new course planned for 2018. The fundamentals on this course are directed to training individuals in treating IOTN 2,3,4,5* cases using Lingual braces. The techniques elaborate simple, effective and affordable ways of correcting complex malocclusions. Please be aware the syllabus may change in the next few months as this is being finalised.


Understand chair-side single user lingual brace techniques to correct IOTN 2,3,4,5* from start to finish.


 – Review the current situation in Lingual Orthodontics, AI in the field and the development in the future.

 – Understand the fundamentals of lingual anatomy, biomechanics, patient selection.

 – Understand the techniques in the Lab.

 – Utilise simple and more complex methods in mechanics to correct class I, class II and III malocclusions.

 – Maintain the stability of the correction.

This course includes the following 6 days: 

(There are custom practicals every day and Typodont techniques will also be done from day 4,5 and 6)

Week 1

Day 1:

  1. Introduction to Lingual braces, history and development
  2. Current Lingual Worldwide and comparisons of techniques
  3. Lingual diagnosis techniques and differences
  4. Lingual treatment planning


  • Case selection
  • Case assessment 

(Cocktail Evening)

Day 2:

  1. Brackets, wires and auxiliaries
  2. Bracket prescriptions and differences with labial techniques
  3. Set-up of Lingual Braces
  4. Lab procedures vs Chair Side


  • Arch wire transverse techniques and using the Ceph Lingual Device (CLD)®
  • Lingual bond-up anteriors

Day 3:

  1. Mechanics and Anchorage
  2. Arch wires
  3. Crowding and Spacing
  4. Extractions


  • Lingual bond-up posteriors
  • Lingual Arch Mechanics
Week 2

Day 4:

  1. Class ll
  2. Deep bite
  3. Lingual distalisation techniques


  • Typodont correction exercises
  • Lingual Arch Mechanics for Class II

Day 5:

  1. Class lll 
  2. Open bite
  3. Transverse problems


  • Typodont correction exercises
  • Lingual Arch Mechanics for Class III

Day 6:

  1. Impaction
  2. Supernumerary
  3. Hypodontia
  4. Finishing Procedures


  • Typodont correction exercises
  • Advanced Lingual Arch Mechanics

(Farewell Dinner)

Type of course – Postgraduate Award in Lingual Orthodontics (CPD 36 hours)

Cost – £3000.00 Payable in instalments 

Duration – 6 hours per day for 6 days (consecutive 3 day sessions x 2)

Location – Central London (UK)

 *With restrictions on IOTN 5