Implant Preparation

Multi Disciplinary Orthodontics and Hypodontia

In many cases, spaces cannot be closed and the need for prosthetic rehabilitation would be needed. Implant dentistry involves the use of an integrated biocompatible substitute of the tooth placed in the bone to substitute the missing tooth. On top of the implant, a ceramic tooth prosthetic can be easily attached to enhance aesthetics and function.

In many situations, the actual position of the implant may be compromised as the adjacent teeth may have reduced the width/diameter of the implant site. For example in the case below, the roots of the adjacent teeth are in the vicinity where the implant team would like to place their implant, however as can be seen orthodontics would be needed to upright the teeth and ensure the site is clear for the implant team to proceed with their work.

hypodontia case at Cephtactics

Implant preparation requires what is known as a Multi-Disciplinary Approach and many clinics have in house specialists of both fields including Orthodontics, Implantologists as well as Oral Surgeons. The procedures are discussed with the patient and all involved clinicians in the same room and a plan is made where the patients will be prepared by the orthodontic team prior to the prosthetic rehabilitation.

The implant component of the treatment will be discussed later.