23 genetics at the Cephtactics, research section taking the next step in advancements

The future of medical and dental research lies in the spectacularly small. It will be inevitable that conditions of disease and pathology, developmental disorder or environmental influence will be treated by understanding their fundamental basics. The genetic component of life has been a consequence we had been taking for granted far too long, research all over the world has ensured that this doesn’t happen anymore. The human genome has been determined, but it is yet to be fully understood.

Although the complete human genome has been decoded before other vertebrates, we are still at a standstill to understand the basis of the applications of the individual base pairs. We at 23 are completely obsessed with the growth and development of the facial skeleton. We have categorised our research components to the following.

Dental –
  • Hard tissue regeneration
  • Teeth alignment gene attribution
  • Eruption and PFE gene attribution
  • Odontome genetic analysis
  • Hypodontia gene attribution
Skeletal –
  • Stem Cell application (Bone regeneration)
  • TMD genetic variants
  • Cleft lip and Palate gene attribution
  • Gene mapping of space closure mechanics
Soft Tissues – 
  • Nerve Regeneration gene attribution
  • Tongue Thrusts gene attribution
  • Hypo & Hyper Tonic musculature
Aux Topics – 
  • Gene Mapping
  • Extinction Control
  • Forensics
  • Teaching